Whatever you want to ask, go for it! But give us some time, we have loads of questions we still need to answer, but we'll get them done eventually ^____^


I don’t mind at all. Kise and Takao can go shopping together so I don’t have to go with him anymore =___= I’m sure Midorima would be more then happy as well.

Aomine: Taking care of my high maintenance boyfriend… and sometimes grabbing a little something for myself ~

People have been asking us about our Youtube. It’s not a personal account with Aominecchi and Kise but just with our cosplay group ^___^ We make stupid cosplay videos sometimes just for the helll of it. 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd5ze-KtmKHhdMxiJYuUjtA  is our account. Feel free to check it out ^___^ ♥ 


Copy the Perfect Copy 

Our group at Japantag in Dusseldorf (Germany) >33< 

They’re pretty okay with it. Even though they’re still not really used to  surprise kisses.